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Person raising up hands above head in upward salute during a yoga retreat in costa rica

As our guest, you’ll have easy access to guided meditation and yoga in Costa Rica. We’ll arrange for instructors to visit you at the villa, where your party can form a group session, or you can hold a one-on-one lesson. Feel free to bring accessories for either practice, or place a request with our concierge when you add yoga and/or meditation to your stay.

Vacations are usually intended to be relaxing, but they often send you home tired. At Casa Teresa, your visit can be a Costa Rica wellness retreat, where meditation and yoga are combined or performed solo, helping you stay balanced through invigorating days and nights. The natural tension relief alone could make your time with us more relaxing.

All Experience Levels Welcome

When practicing yoga in Costa Rica, a mastery of yoga poses or expert alignment isn’t required to attend sessions. If you’ve never tried a yoga posture or attended a meditation retreat, Costa Rica is the perfect place to start your wellness journey. Why not try it for the first time in an atmosphere of privacy, by yourself, or in an atmosphere of friends? If the practice takes hold, your experience could become one of your best vacation memories.

Whether you’re entering your first experience, or you need a session to round out your routine while on vacation, we’ll schedule yoga sessions at your request. Feel free to schedule sessions throughout your stay, or a single session for a single day. Adding yoga in Costa Rica to your itinerary at Casa Teresa keeps you centered and at peace in the heart of paradise.

Balance Your Luxury Itinerary 

While this luxury vacation spot is known for its variety of thrilling adventures and experiences, adding meditation or yoga in Costa Rica is an idyllic way to balance your itinerary.

Deciding to plan a yoga retreat in Santa Teresa can improve surf strength, mobility, and mental clarity. Our guests have the opportunity to take a holistic approach and pair the practice with meditation for a well-rounded addition to your trip to Costa Rica.

Meditation retreats are the perfect way to bring stillness to your body and mind after exciting excursions, or you can make it the focal point of your trip. At Casa Teresa, we can customize your luxury itinerary with the help of our world-class team. Already have a yoga or meditation retreat agenda planned? With no ask too big or too small, your personal concierge can be as involved as you need to execute a remarkable trip.

Nourish From the Inside Out

Like any activity you take on in Costa Rica, yoga and meditation require the proper fuel to nourish your body and soul. Just steps from your beachfront villa lie fresh seafood, vibrant dishes chocked full of fruits and vegetables, and some of Costa Rica’s finest flavors. Known for being an elite corner of the world where people live the longest, Santa Teresa is nestled into the heart of the Nicoya Peninsula. The beachside town has a relaxed atmosphere with no shortage of highly rated restaurants serving up the cuisine that contributes to the region’s Blue Zone status.

Sometimes staying in is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to holistic wellness. For the ultimate addition to your yoga or meditation retreat in Costa Rica, your personal concierge can arrange for a private chef to whip up cuisine that is sure to impress. From special requests to local fare to vegan options, you can get exactly what you need to feel your best when practicing meditation and yoga in Costa Rica.

Your Wellness Hub

Casa Teresa Luxury Villas pool, patios, and outdoor platform ideal for yoga and meditation retreats with easy beach access

The duo of luxury villas at Casa Teresa make the perfect headquarters for your yoga or meditation retreat in Costa Rica. Casa Teresa Grande boasts 7 bedrooms, and can comfortably accommodate 17 guests. Within its walls, guests will find world-class wellness amenities around every corner. Not only is there ample space to host yoga and meditation sessions, the villa features a state-of-the-art gym and a dedicated lap pool.

When it’s time to recover, the steam rooms and cold plunge pool are readily available to help restore your muscles and mind. Both Casa Teresa and Casa Teresa Grande can be booked individually, or you can reserve both properties for the ultimate getaway. The villas can comfortably host up to 21 guests when paired together for your luxury experience practicing yoga in Costa Rica.

Ready to plan the wellness retreat of a lifetime at Casa Teresa, whether for your personal journey or as a yoga teacher seeking an unforgettable destination to host your next retreat? Contact us to book your stay and enjoy the countless wellness benefits of practicing meditation and yoga in Costa Rica!